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Pet Hospice Care of North Jersey believes that your pet is fortunate to be a part of your family in a loving environment. It is our mission to assist both your family and your pet, our patient, at the final life cycle event by providing a warm, compassionate support for the decision to offer one final act of love.

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Pet Hospice care is provided in the home environment to maintain appropriate use of analgesics and pain medications to reduce discomfort as much as possible. Typically hospice care, as in human medicine, is intended for end of life assistance and home pet euthanasia.

Many people inquire about the possibility of a pet passing away at home. While that may be the only option available for humans, as caring veterinary staff, we encourage people to recognize the dignified, compassionate alternative to euthanasia. We attempt to minimize pain and suffering by judicial use of a gentle, appropriate, and kind method of allowing our pets to pass without pain or suffering and to enable them to go serenely.

Our role is to provide end of life palliative care and when appropriate, euthanasia in the home environment. We focus on patients with a terminal prognosis for all end-stage diseases. The quality of life is our measurement based on our position as an advocate for your pet.


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